Group History

The Cromer Dee Why Scout Group is a combination of groups from the old Warringah District, being 1st Dee Why, 2nd Dee Why and 1st Cromer.

1st Dee Why

The 1st Dee Why Scout Group was formed in 1932 and originally met at Dee Why Public School.  The Dee Why Scout Hall was built in 1953 at the current location of Arthur Street.  Extensions were undertaken in  the early 1990's and again in 2002.

2nd Dee Why

In 1963 Scouting was thriving in Dee Why with the additional groups of 2nd Dee Why and 3rd Dee Why opening.  3rd Dee Why closed in 1981 and 1st  Dee Why and 2nd Dee Why merged in 1990 to form the Dee Why Group.

1st Cromer

With the expansion of Cromer in the 1970's the 1st Cromer Group opened in 1972, sharing a hall with 1st Narrabeen for many years.

Cromer Dee Why

In 1997 the Dee Why and 1st Cromer Groups merged to form the Cromer Dee Why Scout Group.  Shortly after this the Venturers combined with other Groups in the area to form Kananga Venturers, a District Venturer Unit.

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